John Pollard


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John Pollard is a Suffolk based artist who is particularly interested in exploring the nature of abstraction. After attending West Sussex College of Art and Design he went on to work in mental health services and is still a practising existential therapist in private practice.

John is interested in both the formal visual power and the philosophical meaning of abstraction. He believes that abstraction refers to something important about the human condition.

"I'd like to suggest that when an artist focuses on creating a completely abstract painting, that has no reference to an outside subject, they are both experiencing and expressing their freedom in a specifically profound way which is quite different than with a representational subject.

The work is a result of the dynamic interaction between the artist, their materials and the composition that is being created on the picture plane. As there is no outside point of reference that the artist is trying to be true to, he or she is completely free to invent something new, the possibilities are endless; there is no-thing (i.e. no subject) to inhibit the creative act."

While this stance seems to isolate the artist he believes that placing a work in the public domain invites the spectator to share in this celebration of human freedom and creativity. With no subject to hide behind, a work of art stands out to be judged as an object in its own right, its meaning and value to be determined anew by each spectator.