Brian Wilsher


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Brian Willsher is a sculptor, mainly in wood, of works which mixed geometric abstraction with organic abstraction. He was born and remained based in London. He studied engineering at Woolwich Polytechnic for three years from 1946, then did a number of jobs, eventually qualifying as a dental technician. Began creating first forms from wood in 1956. After a one man show at Dunn's in Bromley in 1965 and another at Heals in 1966 his career took off. He was given another show at Heals in 1967 and showed in Melbourne, Australia. Had three works commissioned for Dartington Hall and six for Devon Guild of Craftsmen. Although in 1968 Henry Moore and Herbert Read acclaimed Willsher's work a tussle with customs and excise bureaucrats, who decided to tax his creations as non-sculpture, persuaded Willsher against showing in galleries, and he chose to market his sculptures personally. After a new bout of enthusiasm for bronze sculptures and work at Fiorini Bronze Foundry in 1989 Willsher showed again, with exhibitions at Boundary and Belgrave Galleries in 1990. Shared exhibition with his son, the painter Daniel Willsher, at Belgrave Gallery 1997. [Source: Michael Cane Art]